Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Our home.

We moved in to our home in September 2006. It has three bedrooms and was built in 1931. We were lucky to get it at our age, it was a good deal and we could see the potential despite buying from a VERY old couple. You can imagine the taste differences!

We have huge plans for the house overall but we realise it will take time to get things how we want. The house itself is a little dated, but slowly we have tried to make it our own on a real tight budget.

Louise is a dab hand at crafty things, and only last week she transformed our kitchen for the mere price of 2 tins of paint & new door knobs:

It's things like this that make us so happy to have our own place, a place where we can do whatever we want without the worry of a landlord. Of course the only downside to this is we want to do everything to it now! Or yesterday. We're that impatient. :)

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